THAT’S LIFE / english text


from VICE VERSA theater group

It was October 2011, almost 2 years ago, when our group, having already staged Penticoste by David Edgar and Plutos by Aristofanis, decided to turn to our inner selves (which already have an unbreakable bond with the society and the hard reality of present Greece) and to stage a performance based on our own experiences. In order to achieve that, we all opened up our souls, unravelling our paths in life, our personal experiences, our memories and the feelings we all carry inside. Stories locked deep inside us, well hidden, and at the same time waiting to be expressed at the right moment, with the right people and the fitting personal and group support. Stories that could be told by anyone, in any language, from whichever part of the world their narrator may have come.
When we completed our personal journey of inner quest and self-exposure, we decided to create a staged composition of the stories that were written in greek (sometimes with a little help) from our group. That’s how our third performance, That’s Life, came to life. Its central themes are human relationships, conflicts in the workplace, fears, dreams, memories, regrets, social conditions, disappointment, sadness, happiness, love and death… Stories that have marked our lives and souls. Stories that confirm the idea that whenever we are, whoever we are, the small and the big moments of our lives have the same value.
The performance of our play That’s Life will premere on Saturday the 22nd of June and will continue until the 2nd of July (except for Wednesday the 26th of June) in an old house at Avdi square (Giatrakou 2), at Metaksourgio, full of images of time passing by. One fundamental principle of our group is that theater should be accessible to everyone, no matter where you come from and whatever your economic status, and that’s why the entrance is free.
The play starts at 9:00 pm
Booking Information: 6975910720